Every person who consumes alcohol at a bar, office party or other gatherings should take steps to ensure that they act responsibly, and make travel arrangements to get themselves home safely. However, owners and employees of commercial drinking establishments also owe a duty of care to their patrons and to the general public to make certain that they do not over-serve any one person, and make all reasonable efforts not to allow an intoxicated person to drive. The failure to uphold this duty can lead to tragic outcomes, both for the individuals involved, and others who they may encounter on the roads.

The effects of overconsumption of alcohol can lead to serious physical injury or even death. As a result, Ontario law specifies that it is illegal to serve a visibly intoxicated person, or to serve any individual an irresponsible amount of alcohol. Further, commercial establishments are under a duty to take all reasonable steps to prevent an intoxicated person from driving, and to contact the police in the event that they are unsuccessful in doing so.

If you or a loved one has been injured or worse, as a result of over-serving or have been in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, the personal injury team at Campbell Litigation can help. We provide our clients with compassionate and trustworthy advice to ensure that they receive fair compensation for any and all damages suffered in such a situation.


In addition to commercial drinking establishments, other hosts may also face liability for injuries suffered as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Social hosts include employers hosting a party for their employees, a homeowner hosting a party with friends, or a business providing a night out for clients. Richard Campbell has over twenty years of experience assisting clients in these situations, and he will provide you with reliable and trustworthy advice with respect to your specific situation.

When you meet with Campbell Litigation, we will begin by obtaining all relevant information in order to allow us to preserve evidence and interview any potential witnesses. We will also secure experts to examine the evidence and provide testimony at trial if necessary. Our primary focus in the beginning stages of the claim is to ensure that you receive proper medical care to aid you with recovery and to minimize long-term damages. It is important to allow sufficient time for recovery before initiating a claim, in order to obtain a clear picture of the damages, both immediate and long-term. This is the only way to ensure that the appropriate damages are sought in a lawsuit.


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