Many of us rely on insurance to protect us, our families, our businesses and assets in the case of unforeseen difficulties. However, when policyholders wish to make a claim on their insurance, they often discover their coverage is inadequate or their claim is denied for an unexpected reason. At Campbell Litigation, led by litigator Richard Campbell, we will advocate for your claim to be paid out in accordance with the coverage you have paid for.

Our firm does not represent insurance companies, so we will never send you away because we have a “conflict.”

We handle a wide range of insurance issues including:

  • Claims against brokers and agents for inadequate coverage;
  • Property damage, including losses due to fire and flooding;
  • Rejected life insurance claims;
  • Business interruption claims;
  • Property loss;
  • Homeowner and business policy disputes;
  • Auto insurance claims.

If you have an insurance issue, hiring an experienced lawyer can be your best chance to negotiate the benefits you are entitled to. At Campbell Litigation, our team has worked in this region for decades, developing a reputation for dedication to clients.

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If you require legal advice about your insurance issue, call us at 519-886-1204 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with Richard Campbell or a member of our team.