The manufacturers, designers and retailers of consumer goods are obligated to ensure that their products meet safety standards and will not cause harm to consumers when put to their intended use. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a faulty or defective product, it is important to seek legal guidance as soon as possible, in order to preserve evidence for a possible lawsuit. It is also important that you not discard or alter the product in question so that it can be properly preserved and examined as evidence in an eventual claim.

Consumers can suffer damages from a multitude of products, including:

  • Cars and automotive parts;
  • Industrial equipment and machinery;
  • Household products and appliances;
  • Food and beverage products.


Depending on the product in question, injuries suffered as a result of defective products can be catastrophic, and have potential long-term consequences for the victim. The personal injury team at Campbell Litigation have decades of experience in helping their clients seek damages for losses suffered in product-related accidents.

When you first contact us, we will begin by preserving the evidence, and obtaining all relevant information from you. If you have suffered physical harm, we will make your recovery our priority, and we’ll connect you with our network of trusted medical practitioners to ensure that you achieve your maximum potential for recovery.

It is important to allow a sufficient amount of time to pass before beginning a claim, in order to get a clear picture of any long-term damages that you may face, so that we can structure your claim to seek adequate coverage for your losses. During this process, our founder Richard Campbell will provide you with experienced and reasonable advice on the best options and strategies available for seeking compensation for your losses. To assist us in doing so, we will reach out to leading experts to examine the product in question and to provide an expert assessment of the relevant safety standards.


Richard Campbell is an experienced and effective litigator who will work to represent your interests against the providers, creators and retailers of defective or faulty products. Call us today at 519-886-1204 or contact us online to arrange a no-obligation consultation with our knowledgeable and experienced team.