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Bars, taverns, and other commercial establishments which are licensed to serve alcohol must comply with obligations under the Liquor License Act, and all serving staff must be certified by Smart Serve. These establishments have a legal duty not to overserve patrons and not to serve visibly intoxicated people. They must also take reasonable steps to prevent an intoxicated person from driving and must contact the police immediately where they are unable to do so. In addition to compliance with liquor licensing laws, bars and taverns are also required to keep their premises safe and hazard-free, in order to avoid injuries to patrons.

Despite these legal obligations, accidents do happen, including physical altercations between patrons, excessive use of force by bouncers and/or security staff, or car accidents and assaults involving impaired bar patrons. These incidents can lead to serious physical injury or even death.

At Campbell Litigation in Waterloo, we regularly represent clients and family members of those who have been injured or killed by overserved or intoxicated bar patrons, or by bouncers using excessive force. We help our clients recover money from all liable parties, including the intoxicated individual, bar or tavern employees and the establishment itself. We work hard to achieve the appropriate damages award for our injured clients and their families to help them move on afterwards.

How We Can Help

The personal injury team at Campbell Litigation has the knowledge and experience to assist clients involved in all manner of bar and tavern liability claims.  We have served the community and represented clients in Kitchener-Waterloo and throughout Southern Ontario for decades.

When you meet with our personal injury team, we act quickly to gather all information needed to preserve relevant evidence and interview any potential witnesses. We also obtain experts at the right time to review the evidence and testify at trial, if necessary. Our primary objective in the initial stages of the claim is to ensure you receive proper medical care to assist you with recovery and minimize any long-term effects. Richard Campbell has many years of litigation experience in complex personal injury cases involving multiple parties, and an excellent track record of guiding our clients through stressful and emotional times in their lives. Our goal is to achieve maximum financial compensation for each of our clients to assist them in getting back on track following their injury.

Bar and Tavern Liability Lawyer in Waterloo and Kitchener

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