Placing trust in professionals is a given in our society. The vast majority of professionals are decent, honest and hardworking individuals only looking after your best interests. Professionals and professional advisors encourage us to trust them and follow their advice. When that trust is broken, the results can be devastating to those affected.

At Campbell Litigation, we use the tools of the law to help hold incompetent, negligent and untrustworthy professionals accountable to those affected by their neglect or betrayal of trust. We retain independent experts to determine whether the professional advisor failed to meet the standards expected of him or her.

Our law firm handles claims for negligence against various professionals such as:

  • Real estate agents;
  • Accountants;
  • Engineers;
  • Financial advisors, including stockbrokers, mutual fund advisors and insurance representatives;
  • Lawyers.

An institution or business may be held to account for negligence, and we can therefore take action against financial institutions, brokerages and other organizations.

Experienced Law Firm Offering Compassionate and Trusted Advice

We have decades of experience dealing with negligence, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary obligations by trusted professionals. Whether the loss is financial or the injury is physical, we are pleased to assist victims in achieving fair negotiated settlements and trail verdicts.

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If you are not getting answers about your professional negligence issue or you have questions about whether a certain professional has properly met his or her standard of care, our Waterloo-based professional negligence team may be able to help. To speak with Richard Campbell or a member of our firm, call us at 519-886-1204 or contact us online. We offer prospective malpractice clients a free initial consultation.

Campbell Litigation does not offer advice or representation in medical or health care negligence or malpractice.