In the event of serious injury following a car crash, retaining a lawyer can help you to get the long-term support you need from your insurance company and the compensation that ought to be paid by the parties at fault for your accident.

Experienced and Compassionate Counsel

At Campbell Litigation, we investigate your claims arising from a car accident, and we seek the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. In the event you have sustained a catastrophic physical impairment or any permanent, serious impairment of any important physical, psychological or mental function, we will help obtain your insurance benefits and fair compensation from those at fault for the motor vehicle accident. We are experienced in handling cases for the most severely injured. We understand the challenges and worries faced on a day-to-day basis by those dealing with newfound hardships.

Our team, led by litigator Richard Campbell, has decades of experience practising law in southern Ontario. We help our clients get access to unbiased therapists, doctors and assessors who are independent of those hired by insurance companies. We believe that the best success for our clients is a full recovery.

The experts who we might retain to form impartial, independent assessment may be specialists in engineering, accident reconstruction, roads maintenance, manufacturing standards, toxicology, human factors, health sciences, occupational therapy, vocational therapy, or medical and psychological assessment.

If your accident was caused by others who were not physically present at the scene (taverns, bars, ice and snow crews, mechanics, road repair crews, manufacturers, etc.) we will help you seek them out and determine the nature and extent of their responsibility to you.

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Legal advice can help you make sure you have what you need following a car accident. To arrange a consultation with Richard Campbell or the personal injury team at our firm, call us at 519-886-1204 or contact us online.