As a client of Campbell Litigation, you will benefit from the experience of litigator Richard Campbell, who has served the legal community and represented clients in Kitchener-Waterloo and throughout southern Ontario for decades. As a firm, we are not only proud of our record but also particularly value new client referrals that we receive from other lawyers, health care professionals, investment advisors, the business community, and past and present clients.

Objective and Trustworthy Advice

When you meet with us we will give you an honest and up-front assessment of your case. As your counsel, we will be committed to your case, seeing you through all phases of the legal process. We will not pursue unreasonable or outlandish strategies. Our advice will direct you to take a reasonable approach that will improve your chances of success. Serious problems require advice that is objective and trustworthy. Advice that will lead to the best resolution possible. Sometimes, that advice can be painful to hear, but isn’t that what you deserve?

Clear Legal Options and Adept Advice

Regardless of how complex your problem might be, we will provide you with options that are clear and reasonable.

Evidence wins cases.

We will seek out and employ independent experts to prove or rule out the validity of a claim or defence. We continually seek out the best, independent, unbiased experts from across North America to ensure that our clients achieve a fair result. We have access to experts who are prepared to provide independent, unbiased advice on and testify, if necessary, in a wide variety of cases including those involving, engineering, accounting, professional malpractice, economics, human factors, rehabilitation, investment practices, construction, safety, road maintenance, and so on.

Regardless of whether your case involves wrongful death, quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain injuryshareholder or partner disputes, estate and inheritance claims, professional negligence or any other type of legal dispute, we will recommend and employ effective means to achieve a fair result.

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