The purchase or sale of property can be one of the most significant transactions in your lifetime. For this reason, when a transaction fails to close or hidden problems are discovered after closing, it can be devastating, both financially and emotionally.

At Campbell Litigation, our team has over forty years of experience assisting clients in real estate litigation, led by skilled advocate Richard Campbell, including:

  • Aborted deals;
  • Misrepresentation (Vendors & Agents);
  • Negligence (Agents & Lawyers);
  • Co-operative housing evictions;
  • General compliance advice.

Aborted Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are a vendor or a purchaser, if you are involved in a transaction that fails to close for any reason, it can have serious consequences for you. Because people often purchase and sell property simultaneously, an aborted deal can have a chain reaction, causing huge inconvenience and financial strain on multiple parties. As a purchaser, you may have sold your previous home and have no alternative housing options. This could put you in the position of having to make immediate arrangements at significant cost and inconvenience to you. As a vendor, you may be relying on the funds from the sale to pay for your new home. In the event of an aborted sale, you could be forced to default on your purchase, making you liable to that vendor. In any event, you will need trusted representation to seek compensation for your losses.

Misrepresentation & Negligence

Misrepresentation occurs when the vendor of a property, or the agent, fails to disclose to the purchaser any material problems relating to the property that are known to her. This can be the result of fraud or negligence, and in either case, there are legal remedies available to the purchaser. If these problems are discovered after a transaction has closed, often the best course of action is to seek financial compensation to cover the purchaser’s costs to remedy the problem.

Negligence by an agent or a lawyer in a real estate transaction can occur in a variety of ways, and the financial repercussions to an affected vendor or purchaser can vary depending on the nature of the negligence. In most cases, it will be necessary to seek financial compensation through litigation.

If you are a vendor or purchaser who has suffered financial loss due to negligence or misrepresentation, the litigation team at Campbell Litigation will work with you to determine your best course of action to seek compensation.


Co-operative housing evictions are unique, as they must follow the detailed processes outlined in the Co-Operative Corporations Act.  Housing Co-op Members have different rights and obligations than traditional tenants, and Boards are treated quite differently than landlords.  Richard Campbell is experienced in representing both Members and Co-op Boards in these matters and can provide trusted and sound advice for your specific situation.


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